# Introduction
1. Overview
2. about CMOS, GPS
3. Instrument information
4. Header information
5. Update
6. Members

# Imaging
1. Expected performance
2. Exposure Time Calulator

# Spectroscopy
1. Expected performance
2. Exposure Time Calulator

# Manuals
1. Observation guide

# Publishing the observation results
All papers which make use of data taken with TriCCS should include the following acknowledgment:
"The authors thank the TriCCS developer team (which has been supported by the JSPS KAKENHI grant Nos. JP18H05223, JP20H00174, and JP20H04736, and by NAOJ Joint Development Research)."

# Data opening
Scientific data taken by Open-Use Observations are archived with 18 months proprietary period. After the proprietary period, the data will be public from SMOKA. Calibration data is released immediately.

# Note
TriCCS is open in shared risk in the 2024A semesters.
時折、GPS信号を受信できずにsecやweekデータに不正な値が入っていることがあります。 前後のフレームでの時刻情報を参照してください。
その他、現在のTriCCSの状況については、 Instrument informationUpdate のページなども参照してください。